Nomizeis Philosophy

To create system, sharing know-how is a philosophy

which has inspired many, often with very

positive outcomes

Nomizeis philosophy is particularly legitimate in the industry. In the engineering and construction of plants or productive processes, the know-how is not expressed as a specific knowledge, but as a series of big and small skills. Many of these skills are acquired through experience

and through hands on work, and often become concrete in trades and crafts in which Italy often excels. Cooperation and interaction of specific “artists”, free to create and lifted by duties not pertaining to their profession, allows to reach targets or solutions otherwise not imaginable at all.

share is care

Sharing to do the best and to add value

The application of the philosophy is reflected in QA (ISO 9001); the “customer satisfaction” procedure, identifies as “customer” who is “downstream” of the production cycle. The criterion is normally disregarded and the supplier (of services, systems, equipment) who, compared to the client “downstream” of the production cycle, is rarely treated as the person (customer) to be satisfied, actually s/he’s often a counterpart, if not an opponent over whom download fulfillments and responsibilities often inappropriate to the specific capabilities

The spirit of sharing know-how resets hierarchical dependencies in favor of persistent brainstorming. Everyone offers, in service of the project, his/hers competencies with equal spirit. At the same level competencies of who manages and coordinates, who finances, who identifies an innovative project to realize and who develops the project itself. The improved aspect of sharing is favored by the current phase of fast technical evolution. Since a few years ago and probably for a very long time still, more advanced and intelligent solutions ensure now and will ensure in the future, better performances at a lower price.

Collect, spread and preserve know-how

To share, pass on and spread know how is the accomplishment of the philosophy itself.

Sharing is above and beyond the academic and teaching divulgation.

Nomizeis community

Your appreciation is important to continue the common ethical commitment
and for the implementation of our philosophy.

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