What is IoT⁴


The instrument of “sharing know-how”, which Nomizeis uses, is called IoT⁴: step between the interaction of things, Internet of Things, to the interactions of ideas, Internet of Thinking.

It is inspired by and uses Industry4 technics, T4 represents the exponential growth of ideas.

IoT⁴ allows synergy of specialized know-how and the realization of projects, works, installations with original and advanced methods. In accordance to the idea of “sharing” it is a composed instrument which uses more than one instrument with many possibilities of IoThinking and of IoThings.

IoThings IoThinking IoT⁴

IoT⁴ is constantly evolving; at the moment there are some implemented functions which allow Nomizeis to present an ample and structured interface to clients and Partners

conversation (1)
and Slack

Interactive interface and active communication
with clients and partners.
Shared spaces for each partner or per each project for
the cooperation and the sharing.
News feed, chat, meeting, events for working groups.

books (1)
and Know-how

Database coordinated and managed by experts of various speciailties. Information and data of partners characterized by the specific know-how in which they excels. Information and data on plants, projects, services that Nomizeis, through know-how sharing is able to offer to client.

radio (1)
and News

Database managed and coordinated by qualified managers. Information and data on plants, projects, tenders, contracts, which can be of direct interest of partners or of sharing know-how network.
Periodic reports, tailored and dedicated to single partner with the above mentioned information
and with the promotional activities and contacts performed by Nomizeis.

compass (1)

Brainstorming organization and system integration (in sharing) for feasibility and client’s projects optimization. Interaction with Facebook Workplace, used for communication, the sharing on web, remote brainstorming. Offers execution or realization of projects, systems, plants with a “pool” of experts in sharing (consultants, specialists, companies) of the highest standard.

network (1)
Nomizeis Network

Sharing web network. Horizontal sharing network,
to cooperate among professionals, entrepreneurs, institutions.
Management of network aggregatio.